Bike Shop is ‘No Hands’ Choice

Derby Bicycle Center - The Store

From Spotlight – By Anne Rhoades

When riding the roller-coasters of recession, time and change, many small businesses fall off the tracks. Derby Bicycle Center, 410 E 104th Ave. in Thornton, is one that navigates the sharp curves and comes out of the dips better than ever.

In business for 44 years (11 at its current location), Derby’s owner Bill Riley explains the simple philosophy that has kept Derby going strong. “It’s pretty simple. We’re honest and we have integrity. We only work with companies that distribute quality products we can stand behind. I’m here every day on site, so I know exactly what goes on. It’s a lot of work but we all love what we do.”

Good business comes naturally to Riley. As a youngster, Riley pulled weeds for a banker who financed the loan for his first new bike, a Schwinn Stingray. At the age of 16, Riley’s dad took Riley’s $1,500 in savings and invested it in a bike shop, wanting his son to gain experience in the business world. Riley ran the store when he wasn’t in school, learning about commerce and customers and bikes. It gave him unparalleled experience and expertise.

Derby Bicycle Center is a one-stop shop, offering something for every age and ability, including toddler striders, cruisers & townies from Electra. We also offer hybrid, comfort bikes, and electric from Specialized, Jamis, and Raleigh, and road bikes that can be ridden in the Tour de France. Along with a huge selection of over 1,000 bicycles, Derby also stocks thousands of accessories and offers quality repairs by fully trained and certified technicians.

In addition to the industry standard 26-inch wheel bikes and gear, Derby carries the latest in technology and styles that includes carbon fiber road bikes with electronic shifting, 29-inch tire mountain bikes, 27.5/650B mountain bikes, and the new craze; fat tire snow bikes.

“I couldn’t do this by myself,” Riley explained. “I have one of the best service managers around, Abe Mallory. He can fix anything. The staff is also fantastic. Without them we wouldn’t exist.” Riley and his staff insists on integrity and quality, but Derby Bicycle Center thrives for an even bigger reason: individual satisfaction. When asked who ‘the boss’ really is, Riley replies, “The customer.”

That kind of philosophy makes choosing Derby Bicycles an easy, ‘no hands’ choice.